If you’re a woman business angel or your are planning to become one, this is your opportunity to emerge. We will help you to find contacts and new investments opportunities. In the LEAN Community you will find webinars, training a coaching opportunities. You can also be informed of the latest on Women Business Angels news and networking events. You are also welcome to share your knowledge and give advice to newcomers. The community is an open window to your story, whether is about your success or your learning mistakes.

If you are an aspiring female Business Angel, you will find inspiration, motivation and the necessary training to fully persuade your dreams. No matter how old you are, where you come from, what you studied, with the right tools, support and approach you can succeed. Often, success has to do with perseverance.

During the 24 months of the project duration, the activities will focus on:

  • Elaboration of a stakeholder analysis to map the most relevant stakeholders in each Consortium partner country to analyse the markets and the reason of the under-representation of WBAs.
  • Community building and WBAs networking effect to raise awareness, momentum building facilitate the transnational community cooperation via the WEgate platform. WEgate is a European platform created to promote Entrepreneurship among women.
  • Development of a smooth strategy for engaging WBAs in all the partners country: this will be done both via WEgate and social media interaction.


The mentioned process will include:

WBAs capacity building, by the elaboration of powerful training programmes both off and online, paired with a smooth mentoring programme to create a long-lasting relationship between mature and new WBAs.

WEs engagement, recruitment and capacity building by the creation and delivery of Key issues training (both webinars and workshops) to enable WEs to better interact with business angels and investors for fund raising.

Exploiting the lesson learnt by the planning and celebration of 8 pitching events per year in the Consortium partners countries as means to validate the lesson learnt and created real conditions for investments to happen, bringing together a substantial number of WBAs and entrepreneurs (with focus on WEs) seeking business angels funding.

Communication & Dissemination.

Communication & dissemination will be key to recruit a sufficient numbers of WBAs, publicise the consortium and the WBAs networks, as well as create investment opportunities.

Sustainability & Community Cooperation.

Sustainability and Community Cooperation, in order to ensure the ECWBA’s community long-term activity beyond the EU co-funding. To this extent, a strategy for ensuring continuous cooperation with other consortia within the frame of the ECWBA and the continuation of the established relations between the existing and new WBAs associations/networks/clubs, once EC funding is going to be over will be elaborated. The strategy will detail how the consortia plan to stay in touch and empower further the created WBAs Community.

The Member Sponsor Recognition Programme in a nutshell.

The programme will aim at creating WBAs living clubs in the partners country as “Antenna” of the LEAN IN THE WBAs Community project; each club will act for the promotion of the programme and the engagement of WBAs at local level. Only the best female business associations in the EU will be selected for the programme and will receive a “Label of Excellence”.