Training Programmes.

The training programmes will be tailored to the specific needs of aspiring and effective Women Business Angels (WBAs) and of Women Entrepreneurs (WEs) according to specific goals and objectives.

A series of webinars, training days and digital material will be created with the purpose to support WBAs and WEs in effectively running their business.

Training modules will deal with specific topics differentiated for WBAs and WEs, namely:

  • Being a BA
  • Being a female entrepreneur
  • Financial analysis
  • How to manage a relationship with a Business Angel
  • Evaluating and Pre-Assembly for a deal
  • Asset management strategy
  • The perfect pitch
  • Risk analysis for investment and IPR issues
  • The Structure of the Deal and the Negotiation Process
  • Management of an Investment

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Mentors and Coaches will be key to the program delivery!
We will soon launch a recruitment action for Mentors and Coaches through an open call : stay in touch to get involved or email us for more details!