The Project

The Project.

LEAN IN THE EU WOMEN BUSINESS ANGEL COMMUNITY is a new development area for women’s Business Angel in Europe supported by the European Commission. This unique European project combines all the information and resources needed to be a Business Angel at a European Level.

The project is a multicultural one, formed by a consortium of 7 entities from 6 different countries of Europe: Italy (X23 as leading partner and Consortium coordinator), Spain (Conector Startup Accelerator), Greece (Starttech Ventures), Estonia (EstBAN — Estonian Business Angels NetworkTallinn Business Incubators – Tallinna Ettevõtlusinkubaatorid), Belgium (the European Business Angels Network – EBAN)  and the U.K. (Addidi Angels)and supported by an increasing number of associated partners from Europe and worldwide.

The Goal.

The goal of the project is to create one of the new, vibrant EU Women Business Angels Network instrumental to the development of the first high-qualified EU Women Business Angels Community. The aim is to forge a smart eco-system in Italy, Greece, Spain Estonia and the U.K. focusing on “Opportunity Recognition” and “Capacity Building” where women investors can benefit from networking opportunities, powerful learning and training, meet peers and experienced mentors for the empowerment of their leadership role, and have the chance to meet talented Women Entrepreneurs (WEs) or startups looking for investment opportunities to boost their growth. The project will build on the needs to make the most of Wes capacity and grasp of the situation: they represent a source of untapped entrepreneurial potential, constituting 52% of the total EU population but only 29% of entrepreneurs and one third of all business starters in the EU. In 2012, the entrepreneurship rate for women in the EU was 10%, while employment rate of women is equal to 63.4%, thus more and more women holding leadership positions and taking decisions in companies.


The purpose of LEAN IN THE EU WOMEN BUSINESS ANGEL COMMUNITY is to stimulate women in recognizing their role as leader within the business sector, engage them for proper training and get them ready for investing. Our result will be an increased number of WBAs in the EU, supporting WEs and startups in boosting their growth, who will ultimately benefit for greater opportunities in accessing funds by their peers, overcoming gender impediments. Therefore, the LEAN IN WBAs Network pretends to:

  • enlarge the number of WBAs in Europe
  • identify the success factors, the challenges and the obstacles preventing women to become business angels
  • boost networking and to recruit both existing and new WBAs
  • create an innovative and effective training and mentoring program
  • engage talented WEs at local, regional and national level
  • elaborate a cross-communications strategy both off and online


The expected results from LEAN IN THE EU WOMEN BUSINESS ANGEL COMMUNITY proposed development mechanism and approach will facilitate international outlook, create the conditions for bringing out women leadership positions, improve the opportunity for accessing to funds by WEs coming from cross-cutting market sectors, ultimately boosting their opportunity to growth at international level, and increasing the competitiveness of the participant countries’ entrepreneurs (Italy, Greece, Spain, Estonia, UK). As a result of a wider business network community will raise and the much prominent role of WBAs will contribute to a diversified intellectual capital, while business angel investment will increase and BAN’s efficacy accrued.

European Consortium Partners.

The main partners implementing the project are the following: 
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X23 – (Italy) – Lead Partner and Consortium Coordinator
X23 is an Italian SME, self-sustaining private Research Centre and business support organisation. In the last 15 years X23 built a solid, consistent reputation, both at national and international level as reliable partner in the field of Research, Business Innovation, Dissemination and Communication of innovation results. Innovation is at X23’s core as they are convinced this is the unique driver for progress for human life in society and the ecosystem as a whole.

Addidi (UK)
Founded in 2006 by Anna Sofat. In Addidi they want to transform the management of wealth into something meaningful, rewarding and inspiring! A sustainable business with women at its heart. Within the project, Addidi has the of Analyst.

Conector (Spain)
Conector is a leading Spanish Accelerator. The core of Conector is a group of brilliant entrepreneurs joined together to provide help and tools to young start ups. Conector has a solid reputation on the Spanish ecosystem and a very strong commitment towards Women as mentors and BAs. Within the project, Conector has the role of Communication Manager.

EstBAN (Estonia)
Estonian Business Angels Network, established in late 2012, is an umbrella organization for business angels and business angel groups seeking investment opportunities in Estonia and its neighboring regions with an aim to grow the quantity and quality of local seed stage investments. The role of ESTBAN is of the Training Manager.

Starttech (Greece)
Starttech Ventures is an investment organization focusing on scaling tech businesses from the pre-product/pre-revenue stage to successfully closing a Series-A round or achieving sustainable profitability. StartTech Ventures has three functions: A micro-VC Fund, an Incubator and an Angels Group. They will have a role of WEs Coaching Manager.

Tallinn Business Incubators (Estonia)
Tallinn Business Incubators (TBI) was established in 2006 by the City of Tallinn with the aim of offering support measures to sustainable start-up businesses with an export potential. Today, TBI operates three business incubators. In ten years they have helped over 250 companies to start their business activities. Their role will be Exploitation Manager.

EBAN – European Business Angels Network (Belgium, EU Network)
The European Business Angels Network (EBAN) represents the early stage investor community: 30000+ business angels in Europe and the best networks of investors around Europe and globe, gathering over 150 member organizations more than 50 countries today. EBAN represents a sector estimated to invest 7.5 billion Euros a year and playing a vital role in Europe’s future, notably in the funding of SMEs. Their role will be to manage the networking actions, boost relationships, make results concrete.